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Check ITK's instructions and update this wiki page accordingly.

Prepare release message

Based on the previous ones, e.g., the ones of v1.3 and v1.4.

git log --no-merges v1.4.0..HEAD --pretty=format:"%h; %an; %ad: %s" >release_notes.txt
git log --no-merges v1.4.0..HEAD --pretty=format:"%an" | sort -u >contributors.txt

Prepare repository

Modify release number in CMakeLists.txt. Tag git repository on this change with a copy of the release message.

Backup Doxygen documentation

ctest -S /home/srit/src/rtk/rtk-dashboard/russula_doxygen.cmake -V
cd /home/srit/src/rtk/RTK-website/
mv  /home/srit/src/rtk/dashboard_tests/RTK-Doxygen/Doxygen/html Doxygen140

Prepare website

Create news message in RTK/news, update rtkindex.html and RTK/news/lefthand.html accordingly.

Update page RTK/resources/software.html.


Post message on the mailing list

Prepare binaries