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Developer's guide

This section is aimed to assist in the development of RTK.

Source Code

Download repository

The RTK source code can be retrieved from RTK's GIT repository using the following command:

 git clone git@github.com:SimonRit/RTK.git <sourcePath>


In order to compile RTK you need the following third party software:

   #CMake >= 2.4
   #ITK >= 3.20
   #Gengetopt >= 2.20
   * Optional:
   #CUDA drivers

CMake is a family of tools designed to build, test and package software.

You can download pre-compiled binaries and the source code [[1]] or via git:

{{{ git clone git://cmake.org/cmake.git }}} Installation instructions are available [[2]].

CMake is used to build ITK, VTK and VV.

To compile the code, it is used CMake. The common steps to compile for the first time your code are as follows:

   #Create a binary folder, called i.e. RKT-bin
   #Go to your binary folder   



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