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This script uses the file SheppLogan.txt as input.

 # Create a simulated geometry
 rtksimulatedgeometry -n 180 -o geometry.xml
 # You may add "--arc 200" to make the scan short or "--proj_iso_x 200" to offset the detector

 # Create projections of the phantom file
 rtkprojectgeometricphantom -g geometry.xml -o projections.mha --spacing 2 --dimension 256 --phantomfile SheppLogan.txt

 # Reconstruct
 rtkadmmtotalvariation -p . -r projections.mha -o admmtv.mha -g geometry.xml --spacing 2 --dimension 256 --alpha 1 --beta 1000 -n 3

 # Create a reference volume for comparison
 rtkdrawgeometricphantom --spacing 2 --dimension 256 --phantomfile SheppLogan.txt -o ref.mha