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This script uses the files [00.mhd] and [00.raw] of the [POPI] as input.

 # Create a simulated geometry
 rtksimulatedgeometry -n 180 -o geometry.xml

 # Forward project
 rtkforwardprojections -g geometry.xml -o projections.mha -i 00.mhd --spacing 2 --dimension 512

 # Reconstruct in the same resolution as the original
 rtkfdk -p . -r projections.mha -o fdk.mha -g geometry.xml --spacing=0.976562,0.976562,2 --origin=-250,-250,-164.5 --dimension=512,512,141

Note that the original file is in Hounsfield units which explains the negative values in the projection images since, e.g., the attenuation of air is -1000 HU.

It is also worth of note that the file is oriented in the DICOM coordinate system although RTK uses the IEC 61217 which results in a rotation around the antero-posterior axis of the patient. This can be easily changed by modifying the TransformMatrix in the 00.mhd file.