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This section describes how to add/edit datasets for testing purposes for RTK. Datasets are not stored in the GIT repository for efficiency and also to avoid having large history due to binary files. Instead the files are stored on a MIDAS instance. Here's the recipe to add new datasets:

  1. Register/Login to MIDAS hosted at Kitware: http://midas3.kitware.com
  2. Locate the RTK community: http://midas3.kitware.com/midas/community/20
  3. Upload the new datasets in the appropriate folder. If you don't have the necessary privileges please email the mailing list
  4. In the GIT repository, add in testing/Data a file with the exact filename of the original file but with the .md5 extension. Inside that file put the md5sum of the file on MIDAS. You can also get this file directly from MIDAS by clicking on "Download key files" (see [1] for an example)
  5. When adding a test use the new macro "RTK_ADD_TEST" instead of "ADD_TEST" and specify the datasets you want CTest to download by appending the data to 'DATA{}'. For example:
 RTK_ADD_TEST(NAME rtkimagxtest 
              COMMAND ${EXECUTABLE_OUTPUT_PATH}/rtkimagxtest