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This page describes the process to upgrade from SimpleITK to SimpleRTK.

Current status

The current version of SimpleRTK is based on the 0.10.0 release of SimpleITK. It should be noted that this page might be updated based on more recent releases of SimpleITK

Upgrading from SimpleITK

Download SimpleITK

Download SimpleITK from git repository. It is recommended to select a release version of simpleITK:

 git clone git://
 git checkout --track -b release origin/release

Upgrading SimpleRTK

SimpleRTK has its own filters but the wrapping infrastructure is based on common data structure (itkImage) and filters. Therefore it is required to update them. In order to do so, the best is to copy or replace the files from SimpleITK to SimpleRTK and perform a replace on the following rules:

  • Change filename from sitk to srtk
  • Change copyright to add the RTK Consortium
  • Replace the includes from #include “sitk….h” to #include “srtk….h”
  • Replace the namespace from itk to rtk
  • When a type definition to itk::Image is present:

typedef itk::Image<…> a definition to itk:::CudaImage should be added between #ifdef RTK_USE_CUDA

If new SimpleITK filters have been added, the files should be added in the corresponding CMakeLists.txt to make sure they are compiled appropriately.

Known potential issues

Not all the classes are wrapped in SimpleRTK and some classes could be needed (i.e srtkTransform) for other classes. This is usually only known at compilation time.